2012-03-17 02:35:02 by tweerock

Why does my newest audio upload have 5 stars? And a fair few views? That's never happened before.

Full portfolio (almost) download + Johnny B. Goode

2011-10-14 17:25:43 by tweerock

For those who want to download, I've compiled a full list of everything notable I've done so far into one .zip file:


It shows considerable improvement over the period of one year. I've arranged everything into 4 albums: old, relatively new, new and special.

Another thing. I recently (finally) released a single take video of an old band I was in of the song Johnny B. Goode on Youtube. Check it out:

Well that's never happened before

2011-06-29 04:34:34 by tweerock

My newest experimental song (Rise) didn't get bombed down to 0 in the first few hours. Woo. I think that's a first for me (!)

Anyhow, thanks for giving it a listen/rating it. I'll post a lot more stuff here more often; I neglect posting here a lot nowadays for some reason, but that will change.